Hello my name is Andrew Baker, I'm excited to share with you my entry the Safety Net Game. I thought really hard about how I could in fact get across a positive message to my community, especially during such a negative time across the globe. I was inspired by the safety net fund which is a local grant in the bay area of San Francisco that is doing a really great job providing support to artists in the community that have needed assistance during the pandemic.

The concept of the Safety Net Game is to raise awareness and support for small businesses. The mom and pops are really important in a thriving community and many of them as I'm sure you know are struggling. So that is the basis of my AR game, now let's get into the actual content of the game.

So when opened, the viewfinder will display the safety net at the bottom of the screen. Tapping to start the game will initiate the play as the elements rain down from the sky. As you can see, the user will rank up in score each time they successfully catch the falling small businesses. But be careful because unfortunately, as we all know too well, covid is still very much relevant and caution is necessary. So we must avoid catching it or else it's game over. But tapping will let you replay.

In Spark AR, the score is displayed via canvas utilizing a script and counter. The 3d elements are a loop animation with a random function set to the duration to make their movement speed up and slow down making it more tricky and less predictable. Initiating the pulse is done by carefully setting values to interpret the device motion of the gyroscope and sending the pulse through a series of and/or functions when the phone is pointed at one of the 3d objects and finally, the ending card is a small texture sequence animation.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I hope you enjoy it!


The Safety Net Fund

What it does

A catch falling objects game

How I built it

Spark AR Studio

Challenges I ran into

Scripting and my first game

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I come from VFX and a pretty visual background and the structure of Spark AR is very similar in most terms to 3d software, but I don't know any coding. I saved the Devpost page the day I saw it, knowing that I wanted to participate in what would be a big step for me and I am proud that I was able to follow through and achieve what I set out. It has been a life goal of mine to make a game and I honestly never expected it to happen here in 2020 during a pandemic, but here we are - and I think it's been a great opportunity for me to grow.

What I learned

Scripting for a score count and location targeting for when objects are caught.

What's next for Safety Net Game

Spreading awareness for all the small businesses out there!

Andrew Baker owner ID: 1090467035 effect ID: 3286420908088842

Built With

  • sparkar
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