we got inspiration from a co worker who worked in a warehouse and how had an experience with a gas leak but no one could smell or sense it. Additionally with COVID-19 many people have impaired smelling capabilities which can cause problems when these individuals return to work and unknowingly expose themselves to toxic gases or fumes/

What it does

The gas detector mask is simple, it detects the presence of particles and/or noxious gases in the air. It does this using a gas optical density (OD) sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor.

it helps people with

How we built it

We used arduino parts, as well as 3D printed parts

Challenges we ran into

Many, many technical issues. The bluetooth module failed, finding access to a working 3D printer ( even then, print was still incomplete). Wiring was also an issue as well as coordination due to pandemic and meeting space restrictions

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just making it work! We are able to have proof of our efforts and we know that given the proper tools and a bit more time, we could make a proper, marketable product that can impact many lives.

What we learned

To give some more time into planning, always hit 'save', and to take photos of EVERYTHING

What's next for safety gas mask detector

Making the device more compact and redesigning the scrapped bluetooth component. We also will use electrochemical sensors to detect specific gases such as carbon monoxide and methane and display that information on a display and/or app.

Bold Due to Technical issues, we have linked a google doc with all our photos and code as well as some information about planning. We have also spoken to Dwarak about the late submission Bold

Built With

  • 3dprinter
  • aruino
  • plasticparts
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