Current 911 methods of triangulating caller locations are both inaccurate and generally unreliable, and these inaccuracies can mean everything in a crisis. We decided to build an app that not only calls 911 for you, but also sends them your coordinates down to the nearest 10 meters.

What it does

The user is first prompted with a four-button display, with each button representing a different emergency or concern scenario. After a button is pressed, the user is prompted with a question of whether or not they want to call 911, and if they click confirm, a call is initiated. After the call has ended, the user is prompted whether or not they want to send a text to 911 with their coordinates, and if they confirm the text is sent. Then, a screen shows up with information on what to during an emergency, followed by instructions regarding their specific situation.

How I built it

Worked in Swift, graphics were all made in photoshop.

Challenges I ran into

Swift was a language none of us knew, so we had to learn a lot of the language in a very small amount of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We completely finished what we had planned for our app, and did not have to sacrifice on anything. Especially with our lack of prior knowledge in Swift, we were very happy with our final result.

What I learned

We learned that any challenge can be overcome given enough effort. We learned that if you are dedicated, you can accomplish all your goals without having to compromise on any aspects.

What's next for Safety First

We think the next step for Safety First would be to have a text-to-speech interface that could eliminate the need for calling 911, if we could just text them our location and details of emergency.

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