As we all know coronavirus is a fatal problem in today's society causing many deaths and sicknesses all around the world. As covid-19 keeps increasing, more and more people are becoming ill, but there are also more deaths happening due to an indirect factor: depression. For some, life has been a hardship now. People are unable to go outside, some are fired from their jobs, and others are just are unable to cope with the stress and anxiety from the lockdown at home. These are all general factors that lead to the coronavirus.

So far, 15.3 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED TO HAVE THE CORONAVIRUS, AND 624,000 PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM IT. AS FOR DEPRESSION, studies have shown that 1 OUT OF EVERY 113 people will get depression in their lifetime. In 2016 alone, there were over 16.2 million people affected by the coronavirus, meaning 5% OF THE PEOPLE IN THE USA DURING 2016 HAD DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS. 6.7% of all adults also have depression symptoms.

What it does To treat all this outbreak going on, I decided to make a webapp and app that is able to help everyone no matter where they live during these tough times. My project has three parts. First there is the social distancing app, that uses api's to make sure everyone is social distancing. If you arent social distancing you will be alerted. Then I made a free coronavirus quiz. It is an animated form which evaluates which symptoms of coronavirus you show and gives additional information and testing sites if needed. The last part is an algorithm that is able to see if you show symptoms of depression or not. The algorithm analyzes your typing speed and connotations of the words you type, and uses regression to find a pattern between them

How I built it I used flask, html, css, swift ui, swift, python

Challenges I ran into As a beginner making my own website from scratch was extremely hard due to the fact that I have only used templates before. I also didnt know what was regression or any of the other important machine learning type concepts that I used for this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I'm proud of learning regression, and somehow being able to complete this project on time! This was my first time using swift ui and I am very proud of that.

What I learned I learned swift, swift ui, flask in depth, and html and css in depth to make a website. I also learned simple machine learning concepts like panda dataframes, and linear regression

What's next for Safety First I want to publish my app on the app store, and also make the depression symptom analyzer voice recognition related so there might be more accurate results.

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