It starts from the fact that many of us do not really know what would be the right move in case of emergencies. We want to automate the actions in such scenarios where help reaches the victim as soon as possible.

What it does

Alerts people when there is a safety risk
Sends notifications to related people once we discover you are not safe. Performs utmost surveillance by pointing the camera to the distress situation and predetermined people will be alerted if any panic or stress situations are discovered using the expressions, objects around and the overall environment.

How we built it

Intel Edison takes the camera feed from an android device and sends the picture to the clarify API to look for ay negative reactions from people. If it finds any negative factors it will call the firebase server which will passes the messages as push notifications to android clients.

Challenges we ran into

Getting accustomed with Clarifai API Configuring Push Notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging Intel Edison configuration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing an end to end solution to connect low end devices (like Intel Edison) to mobile nodes (Androids using push notification). Stood through the challenge of learning and integrating a new set of API's. Successful in filtering panic data and pushing notifications to the relevant clients.

What we learned

Clarifai API's. FireBase Cloud Messaging. Configuring and Integrating Android Phones with Intel Edison.

What's next for Safety First

We aim to evolve it during the time as the de-facto safety solution. A mobile surveillance system to be used at homes, during travel, emergencies following whenever and wherever paradigm. Expand it to identify missing objects or any movements in the given site.

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