Throughout the conference I was inspired by the dream to unlock crypto for underserved communities. There is true power in increasing diversity in this space. The problem I see is that onboarding these communities into crypto is a mess right now

What it does

I was unable to form a team so in the true hackathon spirit my entry is a keynote that goes over my idea. In the future it will be a framework that will empower all developers to use this metaphor. The power to unlock starts with open source ideas

How I built it

I used keynote to describe and detail my vision

Challenges I ran into

Unable to find a team, I wasn't able to build a proof of concept or MVP

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of myself for even submitting this idea, because it sounds crazy to submit a keynote to a hackathon. I am so empowered by this concept that I feel like I have to share it.

What I learned

You may not always be in a position to build your idea or feel like you can even get started. Simply sharing your idea and message is a powerful way to build confidence and light the path forward.

What's next for Safety Deposit Box

Build an MVP to share with users and do lots of testing. I need to determine if this is a good idea just to me, or if it resonates with the communities I am working to serve

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