We were thinking about some public utility problems that people face on a day to day bases. One of those problems we came across was not having an emergency supply in hand when one really needs on road. For example, getting into an accident and need an emergency kit, need a tissue paper, some emergency snacks if someone is passing out on a bus stop or a sidewalk. We wanted to help create a solution to this problem that people can utilize whenever they need it.

What it does

Therefore, the solution we came up with is Safety bot, which is basically a robot that carries all the emergency supplies on the road. There are many bots present in each area. Thus, when one is in need of emergency supplies they can order the safety bot on their phone and get connected to the nearest bot and the bot can come to them and give the supplies.

How we built it

We used the robotic kit from the supplies given and used the launch pad with the dragon board. We fed the data about the location of the bot and the location of the person trying to connect with the bot using GPS on the dragon board. We programmed it to avoid obstacle along the way to the person in need. Used Computer Vision to make it follow the line.

Challenges we ran into

We had a very hard time with the dragon board. Our workflow required it to be connected to the wifi and it kept disconnecting. We also struggled with powering the board. GPS on the board would just not work. Also, struggled with computer vision and training to the robot to not go off the sidewalk. We tried 3D printing but the machine didn't work and we didn't know it didn't print because the lab was closed after 9 pm.

Accomplishments that we're proud of ## What we learned

We got the dragon board working for the first time in everytime we have tried to use it in many other projects. We learned more about using computer vision to train the robot.

What's next for Safety Bot

we definitely would like if GPS would work in Dragon Board. We want to make the robot fully autonomous, and be able to travel without any assistance. As right now in our app we have buttons for the user to use to make the robot come to them. They have to navigate the robot, however, the goal is that it can come by itself.

Built With

  • computer-vision
  • dragon-board
  • python
  • webcam
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