We got inspired by the challenge to address the health concerns long after the COVID-19 slowdown in Air Travelling has passed. The Travel Industry needs to get back on the Air, but also needs to be healthy and secure:

✈️☁️ The Global Travel industry 🌐📍is passing through the biggest challenge and turbulence ever experienced, the coronavirus pandemic. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that the global aviation industry will lose $252 billion in 2020 in the wave of COVID-19. The complexity of this virus for the Travel Sector is unprecedented; and the Passengers, Governments, Airlines, Travel companies and the Tourism sector urges to seek for Technological and Global solutions to this crisis.

The challenges for the air travel sector requires new collaborations, new technology and new processes; Biometric identity innovations combined with Blockchain technologies have the power to accelerate the Travelling Ecosystem recovering, by working together, and addressing critical challenges for the industry, at the same time that they deliver impactful benefits for passengers, governments, airlines and airports. The emerging of a new generation of biometric identity solutions that accurately matches facial image, voice recording and fingerprints compared in large galleries of samples stored in Distributed Databases, in seconds, have the potential to accelerate the transformation and recovery of the air travel sector by providing Secure, Touchless and Self-Served experiences for the Travellers.

So, our team started to think about how we can generarte confidence in customers, governments and the travel sector, by building new ways to Authenticate users Identity and Digitalizing Travel documents and transform Customs & Boarders to contactless controls at the same time that we keep all this data validated and secure for:**

  • Travellers/Passangers,
  • Airports,
  • Governments,
  • & Airlines.

💡The Future of Air Travel ✈️ is Digital Governed, Touch-less, Biometric and Self-served!

Biometrics can replace repetitive paper or physical document-based checks that are less secure, more open to error and that increases the spread of contagious diseases.`

What it does

Our solution integrates a virtual assistant, computer vision and speech recognition to accelerate the air travel services automation and the authentication of users, by providing a contactless and Biometric Self-Service technology for the passengers experience, at the same time that we protect the users personal data during their air travels, from Checkin, Immigration to Exit the Airport:

Safety Atlas Live Demo

  • Passport Check,
  • eDocument Validations,
  • Security Screening,
  • Biometric Borders,
  • Arrival
  • Exiting Airport

Checkin Online Live Demo:👇

Checkin Online Live Demo

Elevator Pitch

How we built it

Combining APIs of Biometric technologies, Natural Language Processing models and Decentralized Database our solution can provide a secure digital identity through an automated system that meets a set of criteria and rules determined, such as:

#1 Passengers have their biometrics uploaded and validated through a distributed network that records transactions between the parties in a verifiable and permanent way.

#2 Then, the user upload the picture of their passport to extract the information.

#3 Once your Digital Passport has been created, now you can create tokens for document verifications in Boarders & Customs that accepts our technology!

#4 Passengers can increase their Biometric matches in the Blockchain to avoid extra interactions and validations in airports.

Why is this important? Reducing the contact with unnecessary superficies decreases the COVID 19 Spread and helps providing a better environment for the recovering of aircrafts and promotes a healthier environment.

Data, Resources & APIs


Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was to make Airport processes more contactless and Healthier for the Travellers, at the same time that we ensure strong and secure borders controls and that passengers data & identity remains protected.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • LIVE DEMO: For the main purpose of this challenge, we provide and end-to-end encrypted platform so the Judges and Mentors can test our solution: We choose Telegram since it's one of the most secure conversational platforms, but in the future the App is going to be an stand alone App based on a Flexible Blockchain.

Testing Instructions for Safety Atlas bot in Telegram 🤖

  • Before you can try our virtual agent you need to download the App and create an account in Telegram!

  • #1 Go to

  • #2 Start the conversation with a Hi, Hey or Bot.

  • #3 Enjoy the conversation!

Disclaimer: You must not upload real Passport Photos, Personal Identifiers or Biometric Data. This project is a DEMO for the Travel Scrum Hackathon 2020 and hopefully we make it real into the market, but until then you should not provide any personal information, even though the solution is based on and end-to-end encrypted platform.

What I learned

Airlines & Airports have to comply with a variety of rules and regulations associated with air travel, included: accurate advance passenger information data, identity verification at boarding and bag-check, and travel document credential checks. Also, we learned that the health, speed and convenience of doing Customs & Boarders checks could be constrained by the requirements for Governments & Airlines to check physical documents and passenger’s identities prior to Air Travelling.

During this challenge we found a great market opportunity in Business models such as: Passport Identification as a Service (PIaS) and Biometrics in Borders. This two models combined has a potential market value of more than $4 Billion USD!

What's next for Safety Atlas

  • Partnership Tech Companies providers of Security & Biometrics in Boarders .
  • Proof of Concept Q4 2020: Airports in America.
  • Proof of Concept Q1 2021: Airports in Europe & Asia.

Welcome to the Future of Travel documents, contactless Customs & Boarders controls by Safety Atlas!

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