Nearly 22% of the almost 6 million yearly accidents in the US are weather related. Close to 6,000 people die and almost half a million people are injured in weather related car accidents. This system provides a way for people to get warned and be prepared for weather related hazards when they travel.

What it does

It lets the users plan for a trip with the right weather information and hazard warnings ahead of time, for each point along their journey.

How we built it

We used the HERE API for GIS information and the APIXU API for weather data. We combined data sets coming from these two disparate sources, alongwith a Rule Based System to come up with an alert and hazard warning system that is intelligent , accurate and a vital tool to stay safe on the road.

Challenges we ran into

The GIS information and weather data were quite difficult to collect, and process. Coming up with a good visualization mechanism for the alert system was another big challenge. And building the Rule Based system for intelligent analysis of the vast data sets was another interesting problem that we tackled

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We had practically no background in GIS systems, or weather data to start off with. Despite all the problems faced in analyzing and integrating such large data sets, and coming up with a feasible, yet usable solution in such a short time was quite an epic accomplishment, if we may say so ourselves.

What we learned

With the right mind-set and with a motivated to even large scale problems in the world are not beyond reach.

What's next for SafeTRIP

We hope to build this out into an even more sophisticated platform, that people and governments can use to better prepare for, and better handle natural as well as man-made calamities. Being able to use historical data to analyze and predict severe weather events and consequently plan relief and rescue efforts, direct resources to the places that they are needed well in time...are just some of the initial applications that we have in mind.

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