Safe Travels

This project was made for UGA Hacks 8. Safe Travels assists travelers in planning a secure vacation that minimizes risk of encountering different levels of crime by providing information on searched countries. Each country provides a language, population count, capital, currency, etc. After searching, countries can be added to the home page for future access. Clicking on the countries in the home page will take you back to their searched information pages.

API References

We used the following APIs: for general country information. for country flags. for travel advisories and safety scores.


  • Autofill search bar
  • Safety and General information about searched countries
  • Save feature to keep track of countries


  • Miguel Delao - PM / Back End Development
  • Vaughn McCavey - UX/UI
  • Cason Pittman - Front End Development
  • Sean Malavet - Back End Development

Lessons Learned

We learned Flutter and Dart, which were extremely new to most of our team members. We struggled initially with syntax and knowing what was possible with the software. Eventually, after continuous effort, we started making progress. Throughout the weekend, we also used git branching and merging to work simultaneously on different features. We learned the value of git, going back to old commits on multiple occasions.

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