Hackathon project We were inspired by what we believe to be a lack of safety nets provided for late night campus transportation. With dark areas and few witnesses, the chance of being the victim of crime increases dramatically. Our app aims allow users to feel safe and secure when walking to a destination at night when they are alone.

We are all newcomers to hackathons, so we started by attending workshops and we decided that an android app with AWS seemed a lofty goal. We went for it anyway. Using Google-Maps-api,Amazon-dynamodb, Amazon-sns, and Android Studio, we were able to create our app.

There were many many difficulties along the way but with mentors ready to help us and we pushed forward. We created our app and despite our struggles it works fairly well and can hopefully make our campuses a better place.

Created by Jeremy Crosby - Clemson University Joe Gross - University of Florida Nathan Hilton - University of Florida Grant Wise - University of Florida

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