Inspiration Traveling apps seem to neglect safety issues.

What it does: It provides information about cities to travel to and ranks them based on how safe they are using different categories.

How we built it: Using ionic and angular to do the front-end. R was used to do statistical analysis for the ranking algorithm. AWS, RStudio, OpenCPU, and NodeJS for the backend

Challenges we ran into It was difficult to connect what was done in R with the backend because a packaged used in the analysis was not compatible. To attempt to correct the problem we transferred the data that was sorted, ranked and cleaned in R to a cvs file after the package was no longer needed. We then found another way order the user preferences.

Accomplishments that we're proud of having fun. Drawing Octocat. Coming up with an idea that solves a problem that has previously not been addressed.

What we learned stuff. Mark improved his front end development. Jose learned more about working with R to connect it to back end development. And Krista learned basic information in an application, and about git, and how to transfer data files in R. We also all learned about Data Mining, Scrapping Data and using Big Data.

What's next for SafeTravels things. Hopefully we'll be able to add more data to improve the results for the future and have it be more user friendly. We also hope that we will be able to find more data sets to allow us to expand our city search outside of the United States

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