Our inspiration comes from our family. A few months ago, COVID-19 had a huge resurgence in India, severely impacting many including our relatives. It was near impossible to get anywhere without being fearful of the worst due to the lack of accurate testing, and we wanted to change that. SafeTrack allows users to be aware of their surroundings in an accessible, and easy to use way.

What it does

A public domain that allows a user to explore their surroundings in a "Covid safe" manner! A check in service that allows users to see the vaccinated and mask status of anonymous users around them. SafeTrack is a location tracking system that depicts the user’s immediate environment and alerts the user with detailed COVID-19 related information about other near-by users. If an individual is within 1 mile of the user, SafeTrack alerts them with the individual’s vaccination record, what type of vaccination they have received, how far along they are into their vaccinations, and whether or not they are wearing a mask. SafeTrack allows users to be aware of their surroundings and travel with caution.

How we built it

SafeTrack uses javascript code and the geolocation API in order to track a user’s latitude and longitude units (representing their location). With this location, we utilize excel programming to draft user input information and save it with their phone number as a personalized profile. Once two users utilize the website domain and sign up, we use more extensive js in order to calculate the distance between two individuals using their longitude and latitude values via the Haversine formula. Much of the planning of the algorithmic depiction of code and the user input was first developed using java and PHP, as reference code. This developed into one main web-dev interface, represented using HTML,CSS, and JS.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges included the time frame we were given to create such a project, the plausibility of certain features we wanted to include, and creating the best user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • tracking an individual's location
  • comparing locations of two users using latitude and longitude numerical inputs
  • working with a "new" partner
  • completing an web interface in the given time frame
  • crating a visually appealing website ## What we learned
  • new mathematical operations
  • user input and extraction in java ## What's next for SafeTrack - Harit Talwar and Smriti Wadhwa We want to bring more features to SafeTrack that include:
  • storing vaccine data
  • alerting users who are near potential danger
  • faster map response time
  • transforming this from a webpage to an app
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