# As of right now in search and rescue how are those in distress meant to signify other of their current situation. If there is no wifi, GPS, or cellular signal how can you communicate your situation and status to others? I wanted to create a tool to help facilitate search and rescue in an emergency situation like natural disasters, hazardous work accidents, and others.

What it does

It uses Bluetooth and location frameworks to track and find those who have indicated and are broadcasting their distress signal also through the same app.

How I built it

I used various frameworks and algorithms to track and locate users via only their Bluetooth connection.

Challenges I ran into

Tracking individual via Bluetooth is very difficult do to inaccuracies and inconsistent connections.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I can track anyone transmitting a distress signal and get an approximate location.

What I learned

I learned apple's core Bluetooth and core location libraries.

What's next for SafeTooth

Build modules to be placed in key locations to expand the searcher's network and find more people much faster.

Built With

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