by Nachiket Ingle, Elton Chang, Aaron Chen, Brian Jin


  • Website?
  • App?: Java? App Inventor? Android Studio!
  • Login system
  • “Categories” to report to
  • Constantly updated!

What it does

  • Quick mass communications
  • Easy to post
  • Easy to find notifications
  • Increase safety awareness

How we built it

  • Android Studio: Beginner coders

Challenges we ran into

  • Still a new experience for us
  • How to implement our knowledge of Java into Android Studio
  • Lack of knowledge led to

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Logo
  • Able to implement a login system
  • Able to actually finish a project in a new language

What we learned

  • New language and experience with Android Studio
  • New interactions with UI

What's next for SafeTino

  • GPS system to keep track of where you are, avoid “danger” areas
  • Option to ‘reply’ to a post
  • Able to send notifications to others

Built With

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