As of today, there is a huge increase in cases i.e. child abduction, harassment and robbery. And after that, culprits also escape very easily and police has to work very hard to catch them which also takes much time as well. So, the inspiration to do this, is to reduce the time and improve the efficiency to find the culprits involved in such incidents.

What it does

SafeTech enable every individual to register the case of mishap happened to them and also help police to identify and track the culprits using Computer Vision.

How I built it

Initially, understanding the whole problem and generating ideas to solve it. Choosing the best possible idea that can cause an impact with this problem. Also discussing and refining the idea with mentors and friends. From the start, we divided our tasks according to our specialties. So every teammate was open to choose any technology in which he/she feels comfortable to develop. And at the end, we successfully developed a product that we thought of.

Challenges I ran into

Main challenge that we ran into is Privacy concerns, and we tries to solve it by logging and auditing actions of each case registered and every tracking performed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

SafeTech, as a team, we successfully achieved our goals that we decided to deliver in such a short amount of time. And developed a functional application and AI algorithms to achieve our target.

What I learned

Things learnt are:

  1. Remote team work
  2. Rapid development
  3. Decision making
  4. Distribution of work

What's next for SafeTech

We are looking forward to integrate more features in the application and take it to the government, because this thing can cause an impact and improve the public safety.


  1. Deployed version can be accessed via (credentials are pre-filled, just click on login)
  2. Mobile App apk can be found here:

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