Recently Youtube has been in the spotlight for having issues with child predators baiting children in the comments of child-friendly videos. To fight this, they blocked all comments from being left on any video with a child. This is a great way of blocking potential threats from reaching children however how could we block children from running into the other inappropriate things on the internet? And even more than that, how could we apply this to other groups?

What it does

Filters out unwanted content on the internet via a chrome extension that can be configured through a react CMS. Can be pre-configured for children (block inappropriate media), PTSD/Trauma (block violent/gory images), or Relationships (block love-related content). The method of blocking can also be configured via the CMS. All the media goes through our middleware, to Azure's computer vision and Moderation service, and then back to be determined whether the image will be blocked or not.

How I built it

React + Node + Express + Mongodb + Chrome Extension

Challenges I ran into

Rate limits/Dynamic content/Extension to CMS connection

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