App Description: Around the world, street crime has had a significant impact on the lives of many. The discomfort walking alone at night, the fear of an unexplored street, and the anxiety of a new city are feelings that many go through. As children of Pakistani and Indian immigrants, two nations with high numbers of street crime, our team is aware that this is a pressing global and local issue. With a desire to bring an end to these crimes, we created SafeStreet. SafeStreet is an app made to protect pedestrians by allowing them to view dangerous streets using user-reported data. This is done by compiling user reviews in streets, verifying danger levels, and assigning streets with global markers to show danger.

Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a splash screen with the app’s logo. The login page is then displayed, enabling them to create a username and password using the text boxes before pressing the sign up button. All login data is stored in a Google realtime database.

The app is split up into six tabs: the report, marker, emergency call, alarm, crime tip, and helpful links tab which all serve to increase pedestrian safety. The report tab allows users to report unusual activity to the developers which is processed and then displayed to other users as a global marker alongside user comments. Location markers in the marker tab allow users to mark locations in their route even if a global marker has not been placed yet. The emergency call button allows a user to enter in a phone number. This emergency button can be pressed to instantly transport them to their phone app which automatically dials the saved number. This enables the app to be used internationally with different emergency phone lines and offers users a quick way of calling for help in case of emergency. The emergency alarm tab contains a button for an alarm that the user can trigger if they find themselves in danger and need to draw the attention of a passerby. This is especially useful to users with speech issues. The crime tip tab allows users to describe location-specific crimes. These descriptions, alongside the number of reports, will contribute to the overall danger levels of marked locations. A street with a high number of emailed reports will be marked by developers as highly dangerous. After a filtering process of emails (done by developers), the comments for a specific location will be displayed on the map in the marker tab when the user taps on the location. In the future, we hope to feed the data received from these emails into an algorithm that automatically marks a location depending on the number of reports and can display relevant comments. Finally, the links tab contains hyperlinks to various safety tips when walking alone, offering users easy access to potentially life-saving information.

Community Impact: Through our work on the SafeStreet app, we hope to promote the safety of citizens in our local area and beyond. In 2019, Hagerstown’s rate of violent crimes per 1000 was above the United States’ average in multiple categories such as assault and robbery. A basic societal right in every community is safety. The ability to notify others of danger through SafeStreet is essential for individuals in our own area of downtown Hagerstown to remain aware of their surroundings and feel safe in regards to the streets they walk on. A safer society is also necessary in fostering a positive environment for citizens all over the world. Our team hopes that SafeStreet will spark a conversation regarding street violence prevention in urban communities and build a better future.

Techniques Used: Splash Screen - Clock Feature Login/Register - FirebaseDB Report My Location - Location Sensor, Activity Starter, Sharing Feature, Map Markers - Location Sensor, Activity Starter, Markers, Map Emergency Call - Activity Starter, Sound Feature, TinyDB Crime Tip - Activity Starter, View Command, Mail Commands Helpful Links - Activity Starter, View Commands

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