Hack.UVA 2018 Project

The goal of the project was to reduce cases of police brutality based on irrelevant causes such as race and gender by decreasing officer-civilian interaction. SafeStop is an app developed to facilitate a civilian user's legal information such as Driver's License Number, Criminal Record, and Date of Birth to eliminate the need for the officer to approach his or her vehicle. Through the use of Google's Firebase Cloud Software, we managed to maintain a database of SafeStop clients, which works hand-in-hand with police departments to reduce possible bias and stress in the judgement of lone police officers that could lead to violence. We also developed website capabilities to allow the officers to interact with the civilians safely and also expedite the verification of information in the cloud database through the DMV.

When assessing the prompts, we came up with ideas to tackle the Security them of Hack.UVA whilst using company APIs.

Our biggest target was the theme of security, where we aimed to reduce or eliminate unnecessary violence through the use of technology by reducing racial and gender bias. We believe our design to be quite practical and easy to apply to the modern infrastructure thanks to the computers already present in police vehicles. (Best Hack for Safety Track)

Our next goal was to successfully implement a company API to strengthen our design and provide a secure place for the clients' data. Google's Firebase Cloud Software proved to be very useful and easy to use, allowing us to add or remove clients while also detecting and pushing changes onto existing ones. (Best Google Cloud Platform)

Finally, we thought the name "SafeStop" was a fitting and attractive name, so we aimed for the Best Domain Name from prize

We hope that the judges will find our project worthwhile and we are glad to have had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful and exciting event. The experience earned in this event is

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