It's always important to be safe. Even though people say 'help is just a call away', sometimes we may be in situations where we don't have the chance to make a call or manually send a text; sometimes, we need something faster to reach out for help.The idea behind SafeSteps is to make the process of contacting your friends in the shortest amount of time, and in the most discrete way possible.

How it works

Our Pebble app is disguised as a watch face to allow for inconspicuous activation. Upon a click of a button, SafeSteps performs an HTTP request to our server on Ngrok, written in Node.js. Our server then uses Twilio API to make voice calls and SMS messaging to phone numbers configured by the user.

Challenges We ran into

One of our challenges was to access the SMS and Voice calls through Twilio, and then hosting our Node.js on a server. The challenge we faced in Pebble was figuring which implementations that Pebble already had and realizing which one we can use for our application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As orientation counselors for incoming first year freshmen last summer, both of us understand the importance of educating incoming students about safety on campus. As technology enthusiasts, we're both trying to find ways of using technology to address social and societal issues.

What's next for SafeSteps

We hope to release the app once we implement a server for our Twilio/Node.js API code. As the Pebble smartwatch

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