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Pedestrians downtown need a way to find a route that safely avoids relatively high crime areas. The City of Houston has an initiative (Pedestrian Pathways) to improve walking conditions around Houston. Having access to origin-destination data for pedestrians will benefit the City of Houston's goal to strategically plan pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

This project addresses the problem of standard route mapping software which does not address the issue of pedestrian safety from violent crimes and property theft. Our approach leverages existing data from the Houston Police Department which provides us with raw crime data. Geocoding the information provided by HPD and organizing it by city block to identify crime hotspots brings awareness and confidence to our citizens.

What it does

The Safe Route Project is a mobile-first application which calculates the fastest route, then it identifies historical crime data in the vicinity of that route. Finally, Safest Route finds an alternate route which minimizes passage through "crime hotspots".

Accomplishments that We Are Proud of

This exercise gave us a better understanding of detailed tasks required to deliver an integrated system. Safest Route both provides the city with data about the trips taken by pedestrians downtown and protects the general public.

What's Next for Safest Route Houston

Our goal is to craft a routing application that is tailored to a traveller's needs.The ultimate vision for this product is to inspire confidence and peace of mind in our everyone who uses the road (eg. runners, cyclists, drivers ). Safest Route could be expanded to include accident data, weather data, and segmented crime data and many other factors to deliver the “safest” route to our fellow citizens.

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