We wanted to create something that gave people a chance to find places that are safe, welcoming, and accepting. We wanted to show the places people can go, such as coffee shops, offices, or grocery stores, businesses that consider themselves "safe spots" for anyone. This idea was inspired by the negativity going around the United States in regards to race, gender, sexual orientation, and minority groups. We want everyone to feel safe, and SafeSpot does just that.

What it does

SafeSpot allows you to search for places near you that are registered "Safe Spots." A safe spot is a company or business that has registered within our system as being accepting toward everyone and anyone.

How we built it

We build an iOS app using Auth0 for authentication and MapQuest for the map view. We used Firebase for the database that included business and user data.

What's next for SafeSpot

In the future, we want to be able to implement commenting on businesses similar to Google reviews. Users will be able to up vote or down vote businesses. We plan to continue working on the app after this hackathon!

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