One of the many harsh realities of today is that teenagers are the most prone to automobile accidents, which has caused the death of thousands of young adults. As aspiring teenager drivers ourselves, we created this app in hopes that it will not only help ourselves become better drivers on the road, but also give a way for more experienced drivers to rate their driving abilities and their average performance.


What it does

The SafeSpeed app monitors the driving habits of the user over time and gives suggestions and ratings based on their driving patterns. Every user is given a "general driving score" that is determined from various subscores, such as a harsh braking or acceleration score. If the driver is speeding or braking too harshly, the app will notify the user of these patterns and deduct the respective subscore, and in the process, also their general driving score. By monitoring the different habits of the driver(speeding, braking, turning, etc..), the app can then help set goals for improvement and showcase growth over time.

How We built it

For this app, we used Flutter in Android Studio and the Google Maps API. Flutter was the ideal choice for this development as it allowed us to make polished UIs for all types of devices. The Google Maps API was, of course, used to develop the map page of our app, track live location, and find speed from GPS.


Challenges We ran into

The largest problem that my team ran into was a combination of a lack of experience and having to solely rely on online communication due to COVID-19. This was our first hackathon and first time coding, which meant we entered completely blind. Another big issue was coding the backend as we had no exposure to backend coding. This inexperience, compounded with communication problems, proved to be a very challenging and time-consuming obstacle. UI elements were easy for us to pick up, but even just setting up the Google Maps API was hard. Looking back on it now,


“Don’t worry Anton, you can do the login page, I’ll take care of the leaderboard ” —Andrew Mao.

“Sike” —Also Andrew

Accomplishments that We're proud of

RowdyHacks was our first hackathon, which makes me extremely proud as our members pushed themselves to create this app despite having no experience. We're all high schoolers, and were recruited into this hackathon through some other friends. We started with no experience, and we managed to create an amazing app that we feel incredibly passionate about. We learned backend through sweat and tears to use the Google Maps API, and dedicated ourselves to designing interactive pages and UI layouts. We are all proud of what we did together as a team and we hope it shows through our projects.


What We learned

We learned how to manipulate the Google Maps API, how to make interactive pages in Flutter, and how to create a speedometer.

What's next for SafeSpeed

For the future of SafeSpeed, further backend developments and additional features could be implemented. For the backend, we would hope to improve the monitoring of speeding, turning, braking, and parking. Additionally, we would love to add an eye tracker to detect distracted driving and remind the driver to focus on the road. Finally, we would like to add an achievement system that gamifies safer practices and allows users to compete with each other to improve their driving.


About Us

Art Young - Therealperson#2983

Andrew Mao - maoster#1693

Vincent Do - Seithearth#5106

Anton Nguyen - AntonWonton#1359

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