Diversity and inclusion are things that every company should be striving for. Many studies prove that work-space diversity is a key contributor to employee engagement, creativity, and innovation. Organizations investing in diversity benefits of increased employee satisfaction, improved recruitment and retention, and a better understanding of their customers. diversity and inclusion in the workplace, means that all individuals have equal opportunities, regardless of their ethnicity, political beliefs, country of origin, sexual orientation, race, ability, gender, age, location, or even personal interests. but It’s not just about opportunities for employment, but about people feeling safe to be who they are; and that their different experiences, values, and perspectives are appreciated, rather than perceived as something that might get in the way.

What it does

It detects hate speech in the work environment (emails, meeting's transcripts -written or recorded-), then creates an immutable report of the incident that will be sent to the HR team (or any organism responsible of dealing with this kind of behavior).

In technical terms

An API that uses a ML model to flag hate speech content, in case of a violation the API will create a detailed tamper protected report (a Blockchain database) to the moderator's UI interface. check the attachments for a better understanding.

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