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What it does

Creating an ecosystem of safe travel with a solution which will enrich your travel experience. It will enhance your solo trips by taking care of your safety.

Options for Health rating for hotels.

Suggesting hotels as per there Safety score.

Options for cooking your own food in hotels by letting the hotel know your preferences by one click.

Tips for the hotel to improvise safety services.

Tips for Traveller' safety as per their location and travel history.

Reminders for handwash.

Suggesting to wear masks as per your location. (if you are inside or outside of the room.)

List of all nearby medical and pharmacy centers.

Connecting Solo Backpackers or Business travelers as per nearby more travelers and giving them the options to help each other through the application. So, never feel alone.

Tech Stack for the application

React Js & React Native Node Js Express Js MongoDB Google Cloud.

What's next for SafeSolo

Development of the Mobile and Web Application.

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