As Social Media Becomes the primary way of communication, It is important to monitor the community for suicide or depression hints.

Our code detects and addresses tweets with the associated with those with depression and perhaps leading towards suicide. Through this method, our code will help decrease the number of preventable suicides by providing those with problems in depression with accessible help such as the suicide hotline. [Being apart of social media, the code could also connect the person with close friends due to the fact that receiving help from those close to you is often more therapeutic and less stressful than from a stranger.]

We built the bot utilizing twitter and Tweepy's API. Along with that we used python to put this art piece together.

In making this code we learned of Twitter’s limited nature, restricting the options of what we work with. Fortunately we found a way to implant the bot despite the complication, extending the depth of our knowledge utilizing the program.

We were able to overcome the difficulties of utilizing the program, being able to complete our bot while accomplishing our goal and having it perform as planned. We also had little to no experience with the program but through trial and error (and YouTube) overcame the knowledge barrier.

We learned how to utilize the many diverse skills of our group, working towards a common goal. People who know how to code, good communication skills and psychological knowledge, with people knowing how to research what we need to know.

We plan to actually reach out and get a larger audience, being able to help a larger group of people and having more of an aware public to our program.

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