The inspiration for our SafeSkies actually comes from a flight one of our members had on the way to GTHack. Their seat was next to someone who was quite unpleasant to say the least. Nothing extreme, but it made us start to wonder if people who face more serious incidents have a safe and comfortable way of expressing their concerns to the staff. Our team believes that there are many people who would not seek help due to the amount of commitment it takes to call over a steward or stewardess and describe how a person on the flight is making them uncomfortable, all while in hearing range of the troublesome individual.

What it does

SafeSkies provides an easily accessible service to all passengers on a flight. It allows a user to send a ticket to the staff on board, which will then be answered via live chat. During the live chat, the client and staff discuss the situation and a plan of action is formed. The staff then ends the chat and the client is asked to follow the procedures as given by the on-board staff.

Our service also implements Google Translate to be able to provide this same service to non-English speakers, allowing them to communicate as effectively as a native speaker with the support staff. We felt this was important since everyone has the right to feel comfortable and safe on their trip.

How we built it

We decided a web-based application would be the most appropriate for a service like this, since making a traveler have to download an app for their own safety seemed like an unnecessary barrier. We worked quickly in order to have a working project as soon as possible, and then we spent the remainder of our time styling the app and refining the service.

Challenges we ran into

There were a couple of incidents where small mistakes on the front-end would have drastic effects on the back-end, and it took us a good deal of time to sort these issues out. The time spent fixing those mistakes could have definitely been put forward toward improving features of our app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were excited to see that we achieved a better UI than we had initially imagined ourselves capable of creating. None of us are wildly experienced in creating web applications so it was very satisfying to see the project not only function properly, but actually have the aesthetics to make a user have a positive experience using it.

What we learned

This project was not the kind our team usually tackles so there were plenty of learning experiences along the way, such as implementing Web Sockets that would allow us to have live chatting services between the client and staff, as well as dynamically loading content on pages whose data also needs permanence.

What's next for SafeSkies

SafeSkies definitely has the potential to take on new features that will make it an all-around security application for travelers, with a focus on on-flight safety.

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