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Featuring: the Arduino interface, LM34 Heat Sensor, breadboard, ethernet shield, soldered wires, a cell phone, an email account, your favorite mug, and Solidworks for 3D printing.

Our initial idea was to focus on notifying a user if their drink was either heated up or cooled down to their desired temperature. However, after visiting a hectic kitchen during initial design, we changed our project to be compatible with other kitchen appliances, such as pots and pans, to reduce disorder in the kitchen. Now, this handy tool will inform you when your creations in the kitchen reaches your desired temperature. Simply set your desired temperature, and you will receive an email when it is ready! Now, you can multitask without worrying about what’s going on in the kitchen!

Here how it works: First, we focused on creating a prototype using the Arduino interface and a breadboard. We implemented Arduino code to convert the input voltage to degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius. We then set the threshold so that if the input temperature ever read a value above this threshold, the serial would print the word "hot."

The next step of implementing Ethernet added another level to our project. By adding the Ethernet shield to our device and connecting it to the Detkin’s network, we were able to connect to the Ethernet. We experimented with external servers, such as, and decided to use Temboo. After creating an account with Temboo and linking it to Gmail, we able to create code using Temboo’s client and library to send email through Arduino. Now, whenever the threshold was reached, the email code was triggered and an email was sent.

For the hardware, we soldered three wires and added heat shrink to enable it to fit in desired space. This ultimately allowed mobility for the heat sensor itself. We designed and 3D- printed a round device with a place designed to hold the heat sensor at the end of the soldered wires.

Say goodbye to burns, pains and sadness, and hello to perfect meals! Keep your family safe too!

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