Inspiration - i been reading about , the resent incidents that happened in highschool shooting and othere events and those people were seen by the cctv camera but a person, that motivated me to use any cctv camera footage and connect to a pretrained api to identify the posible treats.

What it does - it uses google vison api to identify a possible trait and cottacts athe authoritys

How I built it- i used python

Challenges I ran into - i was a one man team so i had to tackel it by my self

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - that i finnished it

What I learnedn- i leared that its possible to do any thing that u put ur mind into it and help other with the ways u can.

What's next for SafeSight- develop it more and teach it more people lables to identify from a person and maybe become the next school SafeSight.

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