I was inspired to create safeSchools by the amount of bigotry which I noticed in my own school. I realized that myself and my peers were all being negatively impacted by the harmful views which exist in many school communities, much like ours. I decided that the best way to tackle this issue was to provide students with an anonymous platform where they could report instances of abuse, so that these issues could gain more attention, without compromising the safety of students.

What it does

safeSchools is a webpage which provides students with a submission form, to safely report harmful people/ policies at school. Reports can be deleted or checked off to indicate that they have been resolved, and user's can even share their personal information through a sign-up feature. Additionally, the webpage provides a blank canvas for students to draw on, to alleviate stress.

How we built it

The webpage was designed through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which allowed me to use lists and canvases to create the basic page, while CSS added style to the site and JavaScript added functionality.

Challenges we ran into

I was challenged by time, as this was my second hackathon, so I was not used to the time constraint. I was also challenged by data storage, as it was difficult for me to find a way to permanently store the users' input.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of the submission form itself, as I believe it runs with little to no error, and looks aesthetically pleasing!

What we learned

I have learned how to create a canvas which can be drawn on as the user moves their mouse, which is a skill I did not have prior to this hackathon!

What's next for safeSchools

I hope to continue working on safeSchools to make it more user-friendly and reliable, so that I may eventually introduce it to my own school!

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