As students, we shouldn't ever worry that someone may come into the school and cause harm to our school, our peers, and ourselves. However, we noticed recently that for some reason, schools are becoming less and less safe. We may have armed security officers, but it still isn't enough to keep learners and teachers safe. We knew we wanted to create a hack that would do something to combat this issue, and so that is what created the base.

What it does

Detect which people are dangerous and a risk to the school. The system notifies authorities and schools of threats and attempts to make response times quicker.

How I built it

Using machine learning, automated emergency service contact, and scanning social media, we try to detect which people may be a threat to the school and using the automated contact system, response time is faster.

Challenges I ran into

Some group members were using APIs for the first time, which proved a difficult hurdle. Other challenges we ran into were those endemic to the multi-faceted nature of our project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to implement machine learning and learn so much in a short amount of time.

What I learned

A new form of a conversational UI using Dialogflow. We learned machine learning and using APIs.

What's next for SafeSchool

We want to provide more information to first-responders. This may include automatically sending attendance, school blueprints, and live camera feed directly to police officers. Other things we want to do is implement a better ML algorithm that tries to detect if someone is a threat by the way they behave in front of the camera and how we can keep these threats as far away from a school as possible.

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