The main target of the application is to provide a better alternative for manual registering for business owners, The application offers: 1) A safe and a contactless method of registration 2) The data registering process is more accurate as it will prevent miscommunication or any form of scam and any sort of Identity theft 3) Efficient as the process doesn’t consume any time from both of the parties. 4) Reliable, as the app is connected to a database as well as built in log for the owners, where they are able to access and refer back to the record easily at spot.

What it does

This project tends to ease the registration process for both individuals and business owners during the covid-19 period by introducing features such as: 1) Generate QR code, the customer login will ask the user to insert his name, ID and phone number the app will then generate a customized QR code that will hold his information, this will be really helpful whilst registering in places. 2) The owner login will have the QR code scanning feature with the ability to enter the customers temperature. 3) The owner has the ability to save the QR details of the customer with the date and time of the scan, this will help in future reference. 4) It also has a QnA Chatbot that will help the customers with any questions or issues they face, regarding the application, covid-19, rules and regulations and primarily in Bahrain.

How we built it

We built it using PowerApps and QnA Maker (Cognitive Services)

Project target

The 3 stakeholders that our project target are: 1)Customers/clients: -Ensure that their identities are protected -Reduce contact ,lower the exposure (as the numbers of individual within places are monitored constantly 2)Government “Beware”: -Easier to manage and control (the number of individuals within a certain location, Easier to track down any infected case) -Will help reduce the number of cases due to the improved monitoring strategy. 3)Business owners: --Easier to manage and control (the number of individuals within a certain location, Easier to track down any infected case) -The identities or the information taken from the clients are accurate (prevent misusage or identity thefts) -Beneficial (Due to the controlled situation this will reduce the risk of the government financial penalties and being closed that may lead the cooperate to bankrupt)

Challenges we ran into

The most challenging part was using PowerApps since it is our first time using it and different coding language, as well as it being a new program that does not support all types of services.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the whole project in itself, more importantly the fact that we managed to finish this application in two weeks while attending University classes. In addition to the database and the log format.

What we learned

Mostly we learnt time management and working in a team virtually. We learnt how to make an application and what to expect when creating one, as well as front end languages and some back end and how to apply the code to real life situations.

What's next for SafeScan

We plan on supporting more languages and regions. Introduce a family QR scan to save time.

Built With

  • powerapps
  • qnamaker
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