Description: Walking home alone at night can be scary. Imagine being attacked while you were on your way home. It is so easy to unknowingly walk into dangerous situations when you are not aware of your surroundings beyond your sight. This app gives you a safer way to reach your destination without constantly looking over your shoulder. SaferWay is an Android App that allows users to see the areas around them with a history of crime. This will help people who do not feel safe walking alone avoid going into notably dangerous places.

How? We used the City of Los Angeles's API to gather crime data, and displayed it using the Google Maps API.

Future Features:

  • filtering system for types of crimes
  • show safest path to destination
  • color code different levels/types of crime
  • expand beyond the area of LA
  • filter crimes older than 5 years

Authors: Jenny Chau, Bhavani Panda, Cynthia Wang

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