11,500 Canadians died due to Opioid overdose during 2016-2018. Deaths from the Opioid crisis continue to rise each year, in addition to deaths from other drugs such as Heroin, which are often laced with other more harmful substances.

What it does

This is a platform that allows Overdose Prevention Sites to keep tabs on drug addicts after they visit a centre by allowing them to message them, prescribe medication, schedule follow ups, recommend therapists, and see their progress on their recovery plan. In the end, the sites will be able to collect data on all users and share them with other sites to improve efforts to combat the Opioid crisis by providing better care to those who are addicted. For drug addicts, they can use the app to keep in contact with a buddy from the centre and reach out to others within the community going through similar struggles, as well as get reminders for their medication and view nearby sites.

How we built it

The mobile app is written using React-Native framework to enable cross-platform development. The backed is written in Express.js with MongoDB as a database. The backend is hosted on Azure Cloud Service Provider.

Challenges we ran into

Legalities, concern for user's privacy, real time messaging implementation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Tackling a social issue that is not really discussed and ignored.

What we learned

Advanced React Native techniques.

What's next for SaferSpace

Website for sites, messaging, NA meetups.

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