Safersection is optimizing intersection designs by analyzing the trade-off between increased safety and the subsequent impact on traffic. We are using Tobii-pro eye tracking glasses to quantify a safety metric from eye and head movement data. We are collecting data on two separate routes, one with a protected bike lane and one with an unprotected bike lane. We are also collecting pedestrian data. Once we gather all of this data, we will analyze it using Matlab to look for changes in pupil diameter, and gaze position in our trials. We will also be using SUMO, an open-source site that allows users to create various types of intersections throughout cities and see the effects of traffic. We will be using our developed safety metric and our SUMO simulation of an intersection in Philadelphia to to create a platform for city planners to develop intersections and view the impact that it has on both safety and traffic. In doing this, planners will be able to develop more efficient and safer intersections.

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