A Safe Place

together we keep each other safe



In the decade of 2010 terror began to become an seemingly larger and larger problem across european cities.

Attacks occurs in streets, in public places, at nightclubs, all in your vicinity. These extraordinary events produce a variety of needs. Citizens want to feel safe, know where their close ones are at, make distress calls, be able to help and put themselves safe.

Relief agencies, PPDR personnel needs to be able to reach the public with a variety of information. They also need assistance from civilians with medical training to aid wounded in the streets.

In 2017 Stockholm, Drottninggatan suffered from an attack... the need for #asafeplace has never been as palpable before!

A safe place combines governmental data sources such as disaster relief information, nearby shelters and gathering sites. It creates personal awareness through gamification, mobilizes assets by combining social networking, personal medical skills, your biological profile, all to aid victims of an ongoing crisis.

The application


In this area you will find information about important notice to the public. Information will be pushed to you in case of accidents, serious events, severe disturbances in important social functions and in crisis management in case of extraordinary events.

The information is gathered from krisinformation.se and pushed to you!

This section will be flashing and your phone will be sounding in case of an emergency.

Aid and Relief

Assist in real time situations. Based on your profile PPDR personnel will be able to contact you in case of emergency. How can you help? Do you posses medical skills? Are you willing to donate organs or blood?

Register your profile and get connected, help others contribute with aid and relief!

Are you in need of assistance? Make a call to get help. Are you in an exposed position? Register your personal settings for distress calls. Once you use the function, your phone will active sound and record sounds and take photo shots of the surroundings. The information will be send to PPDR personnel to act accordingly on!

Afraid to walk late at night? Set a timer corresponding to the distance between you and your destination. When you reach the destination you can turn of the alarm manually or it will be automatically turned of based on your position. Otherwise the alarm will be sent to PPDR personnel to act accordingly on.

When an safety alarm is triggered this section will be flashing and your phone will be sounding furiously!

Points of interest

Here you have access to different points of interests as shelters, gathering sites. You have access to more than 65.000 shelters in Sweden. You will find POI for geological, hydrological locations and various hazardous zones.

The information is stored locally on your device so it always will be available. Information is collected from the authority MSB open data. Navigation Get help to find the closed POI based on your position. Follow the instructions and put yourself in a safe place. For each safe zone its capacity will be available. In case of a crowd the safe zone this will be announced as occupied by marking the safe zone orange.

As medical contributor navigate to the disaster site and put your skills available.


What’s the do’s and don'ts in emergency situations? Get ready and learn!

In this area you can prepare yourself to be able to take the correct action in case of an emergency. Take the quiz to gain knowledge ant to learn where your nearest point of interest are. Is there any shelter or safe zones nearby?

The quiz will change based on your current location and will adapt when you travel. Going on a trip? Set the city of destination and we’ll prepare you!

This is available even if your network is lost!


Hey, all your skills will be gathered and summed up to badges at different levels. How keen are you on getting Jedi status?

Share your earned badges with your friends in social networks, compete with others or join the Jedi cult!

Create demand by pushing your conquests!

Be prepared

Gain access to all the information about different types och extraordinary event and actions to take in those situations.

This is available even if your network is lost!

The information is stored locally on your device so it always will be available. Information is collected from the authority MSB open data and krisinformation.se.

My profile

Who are you? Register your profile to inform PPDR of your status.

Do you have gained knowledge from our quiz? Do you have medical skills? Will you be able to donate organs or blood in case of an emergency? What’s your blood type?

Your profile and personal information will be available for PPDR use! But hey, tick the approval box and make your full potential available.

In order to be able to fast make distress calls to PPDR in case of an emergency register your personal settings. Smack your phone to active the function based on your setting.

PPDR functions

At the other side of the application PPDR personnel will be able to search and reach out to members of the network in order to mobilize civilians who are medical skilled and able to aid in case of serious events.

Societal PPDR functions can contact you and require your assistance at a specific location. Use navigation to get to the site.

Based on the information of the networks complete user profiles, positioning of civilians ready to help, donate organs or blood in extraordinary situations will be possible.

Through this function PPDR personnel will be able to mobilize civilian aid, if and when needed.

Architecture overview

Image of Architecture overview

Technical architecture

The solution is realised as a multilayer application consisting of four main physical parts.

The user klient:

  • Angular
  • JSON
  • REST
  • Leaflet

The admin panel:

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS

The backend:

  • REST in PHP

The database:

  • MySQL

Data sources:

  • MSB (shelters, fire stations, gathering sites*)
  • Krisinformation.se (important notice information*)

* not available today needs to be delivered by MSB

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