What inspired us to create this project was that we wanted an app that would help users determine the safest route to take by giving them the ability to see where previous road incidents occurred related to Substance Abuse, Speeding, Distracted Driving, etc.

What it does

This application allows the user to see where incidents occurred in the past at the precise location derived from a collection of a government database that hosts latitudes and longitudes of these incidents. The objective is to provide information on what routes contain the most incidents thus giving them the ability to decide to take the safest route or the route with less incidents.

How we built it

For this application we used: -HTML -Bootstrap: learned this for easier CSS styling since it has predefined styled components -Flask and Python: Flask is a python framework that is used for the backend functionality. Primarily we used Flask to parse the 300k+ csv file containing all the data for the incidents. -Google Maps Api: Google's API for creating and modifying the map -Google Cloud App Engine: We deployed out site using Google Cloud's app engine which adds Google debugging, Google analytics, and Google storage. We deployed it using the gcloud cli. We created a project on Google Cloud console and then deployed our app to a server hosted on uswest2, and then deployed to the projected created in google cloud using the gcloud app deploy command.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a few challenges when putting our project together for example, when trying to code our idea we had to research the best language to use which took a lot of time since we are both relatively new to coding. Another challenge was that when collecting the data since we do not have an analytical background we had to do some extra research when collecting the data set for the application in order to be as accurate as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a few accomplishments that we are proud of, for example, completing our first online hackathon project was a big achievement for us. A few other accomplishments included learning how to use Bootstrap, Flask, Google Maps Api and Google Cloud App Engine. Another accomplishment was that we got to collaborate as a team in an online environment to deploy our application which is something that we are not only extremely proud but have never experienced before.

What we learned

We learned how to efficiently use our resources to allow us to get our application functioning. As stated before, we learned many coding languages and techniques to use on our command lines, as well as learning to deploy our site using Google Cloud's app engine.

What's next for SafeRoutes

Due to time constraints we were unable to add a few features such as user buttons for indicting accidents that happen while speeding and accidents that happened as a result of distracted driving. We hope to also add a more current data set that includes road accidents from 2013 to present.

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