In the past months Matan and I have experimented with many different distributions of Linux in our free time. Our grandparents also asked us for help every once in a while. For the Hack it Better hackathon, we decided to create an operating system for them!

What it does

It's a Linux distribution which includes everything a senior might need: a file manager, web browser, and other things. Because it is built on Arch Linux, it's extremely secure and offers fast updates.

Challenges we faced

We wanted to create a simpler zoom client because our grandparents asked for help many times but sadly the SDK didn't support Linux so that turned out to be a dead-end (If you find a way to do this PLEASE contact us we will be really glad to code it)

How we built it

We worked together on a Virtual Machine, beginning with a plain Arch installation and then developed our own software.

Simultaneously we worked on the extension (which is also available separately!) using Atom.

What we learned

Better time management. Making this in 24 hours has been extremely wild and difficult.

What's next for SaferOS

The chromium extension will be extended for more websites: news sites, document editors, social media websites in order to allow seniors to use the web without any fear.

Additionally, we hope to create an easy installer using Calamares and video chat clients especially for the current pandemic so the elderly can be independent.

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