Well, let's see - apart from latest scandals about celebrity photo leaks we have the following data - for the last 4 years, there were approximately 500 mln user records stolen. Then, if there were >500 mln records leaked, then how many leaks are there that we still don't know about? That just struck me and at that moment I was already involved with my father working on some encryption libraries to protect photos and videos. he best precaution is to encrypt your private data. I've decided to start investigation how we can leverage our developed libraries - we checked different markets including law, insurance, banking, medical and etc. Every now and then I met Evernote discussions. And suddenly I realized that people from different markets have something in common - they all use Evernote in some way. Then I started investigating Evernote, it's API, possibilities to attach encryption. And then we have pivoted our initial idea to providing encryption on-top of Evernote.

How it works

Well, pretty simple - to encrypt your Evernote notes you just need to download and install Saferoom (iOS, MacOS or Windows). Then whenever you wish to encrypt or decrypt your note (including any attachments) you will need to use Saferoom. Saferoom just adds another type of notes you can create in Evernote - encrypted notes. Encrypted notes look like a normal Evernote notes - they have titles, tags, they can be part of any notebooks - but their content and attachments look like "rubbish" text. Using Saferoom Desktop (free for MacOS and Windows) and Saferoom iOS (4,99 one time fee) your encrypted data becomes mobile.

As Saferoom is a pure client application all encryption and decryption operations are done inside the client's device (PC, iPhone, iPad), and all the passwords are stored only on client's devices.

Challenges I ran into

Hmm..I can't remember them all, so many...I think the most technically complicated task was to make encryption/decryption work between different systems like iOS, OS X and Windows.

And then the most difficult decision I had to make is to become pure client application. That decision involved two issues: a) we cannot make subscription anymore (we don't have any accounts or servers with users), b) the password could not be restored.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that we have managed to release an encryption app that is usable by normal people. Of course, it is not perfect, but at least my non-technical friends are working without any problems. And this is our goal - to make cryptography for normal people. We will simplify as much as we can so eventually encryption will become as simple as antivirus right now.

What's next for Saferoom

Right now we started working on Android client because we received many requests for it. We already checking our encryption library and things look very promising. We hope to finish it until end of summer (at least, beta version).

Then we are working on adding support of Dropbox and you will be able to encrypt and decrypt files from Dropbox account. Then depending on the feedback we will start working on Google Drive.

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