We believe that eliminating preventable accidents is possible if the right information is communicated at the right place at the right time. Through our interviews with staff from Linde and Siemens, we discovered that it is a real pain point in the management and safety measures, we hope that this project would inspire internal staff to think about how AR can be utilized in this industry to optimize operation efficiency and enhance safety.

What it does

It first detects and saves the real world environment using the AR point cloud system. Then you can tag a note that associates with potential risk/ work status. A note will appear at the virtual environment, showing the work that is in progress/ history of what has been done to notify workers in order to enhance workplace safety.

How do we build it

Unity, placenote sdk, data persistence

Challenges we run into

It took us a long time to come to a consensus regarding the direction of the project as well as to narrow down the scope of the project in order to address a very specific problem. We also had trouble integrating ARkit with placenote SDK on unity platform. Mostly due to the fact that placenote has a different coordinate frame than that of ARkit. We discovered that it is important to use localposition method instead of worldposition method in order to apply data persistence effectively.

What's next for Safer

We can potentially build more features on the product such as IoT wearable and note number retrieve system. We are also hoping to receive funding and support not just from Linde and Siemens Team but also other big corporates who believe in our vision.

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