What it does

Feature list:

  • stores, analyzes, and lists crowdsourced data (seeded from existing website)
  • data visualization through graphs
  • text message notification for nearby reports
  • generate routes home that avoid high incident areas

How I built it

  • Ruby on Rails, React, SASS
  • lots of teamwork!
  • lots of caffeine!

Challenges I ran into

  • dealing with Google maps api
  • dealing with Twilio api (for text message notifications)
  • inconsistent dataset format
  • importing the existing database from Safecity

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • how well we worked together
  • how polished the product is
  • that we were able write a working, feasible app

What I learned

  • learned our tech stack a lot better!
  • how to effectively work together
  • we understand the situation and the cause that Safecity is trying to promote a lot better

What's next for Safer City

  • making the app more general: taking in more types of reports
  • spreading to other countries (like the US)
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