A lot of the video content on the web is mislabeled and mis-categorized, which makes it difficult for parents to select the age appropriate material for their kids, and wish if there was a real time video analysis tool that could detect inappropriate content.

What it does

Using machine learning the application can detect inappropriate scenes in a video and alert the viewer. this gives many parents, and content platforms, some peace of mind.

How I built it

Computer vision, Java, Android Studio

Challenges I ran into

the time it takes to analyze a video is usually long, had to manipulate frame rate to speed up the process

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Democratizing this technology and making available to all smart tv owners, and content platform providers.

What I learned

Video analysis is resource intense process.

What's next for Safer Browser

The application will undergo a major UI/UX overhaul to make it more intuitive and user friendly. There are many analysis that we can add, including analyzing the audio for inappropriate words and phrases, not to mention the huge application for advertising relevant to the scenes on the screen.

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