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Almost everyone has their payment information stored in several servers (Amazon, eBay, etc.), leaving them vulnerable to hackers. Just last year, 4.9 million DoorDash users were affected by a data breach.

COVID-19 is making people more reliant on online payment systems, putting more users at risk. Online payment will continue to be relevant after COVID-19 as well.

This type of risk is avoidable, since there is no reason for payment information to be stored in multiple centralized servers - or in any centralized server at all.

We wanted to create a safe way to save payment information on a decentralized network to ensure convenient payment across all your devices.

What it DO

SafePay is a chrome extension that allows users to store payment info in a secure, decentralized network and use auto-fill whenever they make an online payment.

Users can log in through BlockStack to access their account from any device running Chrome. Once in, users can view their stored payment methods and also add new payment info through a form, which is then stored in the BlockStack's decentralized storage system.

SafePay also does authentication through Blockstack, meaning passwords are stored in the same safe way that your payment methods are.

Crafting Recipe

The Chrome extension was built with HTML, JavaScript and the Materialize framework. Our static content is hosted on Firebase. Payment information is stored using Blockstack's decentralized storage architecture. From the BlockStack website:

Transactional metadata is stored on the Blockstack blockchain and user application data is stored in Gaia storage. Storing data off of the blockchain ensures that Blockstack applications can provide users with high performance and high availability for data reads and writes without introducing central trust parties.

Gaia is a decentralized storage system where users are able to create "hubs" where information is stored at a location of the user's choosing. Users can even choose to run a Gaia node themselves.


In the future, we plan on adding integration with online banking services such as TD banking to directly add bank cards from your bank account. Furthermore, we intend on expanding our support to more platforms like mobile phones and different browsers.

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