Our inspiration is the user need and our own experience with the traffic in Zurich. From time to time we go by bike, and it's not a pleasant experience. Lots of traffic, cars, trams, busses and passengers make it difficult to navigate in a safe way. That's why we're looking out for solutions to move safer.

What it does

Our App helps you to move safer. It will not only provide you with a list of streets you should avoid. You can also search for the safest route. Next time you take the bicycle, your trip will be scored with this application. It rewards you if you chose a safe route, and also provides you with some handy analytics.

How we built it

We combine Google Maps API Services and information provided by the UK government on road safety to build an efficient algorithm capable of proposing safe routes to our users.

Challenges we ran into

Obtaining correct localisation for accident data, defining a safety score and representing safe paths in an ergonomic way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Combing multiple API's together with data.

Built With

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