Our inspiration to create this webapp was to keep people safe. We both have had experiances where we have had friends walk home in unsafe situations. The goal of our app is to help prevent thoes situations from happening.

What it does

SafePath allows you to see your the path you are planning on taking and what crimes have occured near and on that path. Alowing you to avoid crime dense areas.

How we built it

We built it using Google's Polymer, running on a node.js server on linode. We used The city of Philledelphias Crime API to get all criminal homocides, rapes, agrivated assualts with a firearm, and robberies with a firearm in the city of Philledelphia. We then plotted this along the route you are planning to take.

Challenges we ran into

We were both new to Polymer so it drasticall slowed down development and restriced us from all of our ideas we orignally had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A fully implemented and deployed webapp using multipul API's

What we learned

WE leared a lot about frontend apps, and how to call and serve API requests.

What's next for SafePath

SafePath's next step is to include a toggle for different types of crimes, allowing you to display any crimes you want to see and suppress the other ones. We want to make a more elegant way to display the info such as a heat map. And a way to reroute your path automatically away from crime dense areas. After all of this we can easily use other cities API's to expand all over the country.

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