Curious about using government data sets, we discoverer an API allowing us to access live crime statistics. We wanted to be able to visually display to users how much crime occurs on their daily routes.

What it does

SafePassage provides the user with a visual representation of crime density on their daily routes between two locations. This is displayed on a map making the information easy to interpret. Ultimately, making their journey from A to B safer.

How we built it

We utilised appropriate APIs which provided us with data for routing and crime statistics, which we sourced from Google and the UK government respectively.

Challenges we ran into

Extremely long loading times Merging APIs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Greatly expanded our knowledge of Google maps APIs Having a working prototype Learning new languages (PHP)

What we learned

How to access Google and UK government APIs A deeper of Javascript and PHP

What's next for SafePassage

Using to cache crime statistics for quick access in future.


Designed on a 720p screen, please view at this resolution if possible!

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