We all have been in situations when we have felt uncomfortable alone in the streets of LA at night and we wished for a safer route. SafeMaps is just the app for you. It uses intelligent custom made algorithm to provide you with a safest path to your destination!

What it does

It combines the functionality of google maps directions api and uses our custom made algorithm to provide the fastest and the safest route for your destination on google maps.

How we built it

It uses data of crimes committed in LA and a custom made algorithm provide you with the safest route. We have built the app using react-native. We have also used google maps directions api to find different routes and display the safest path to your destination. The algorithm uses Haversine formula to find least crimes committed in the proximity of different path and find the safest route.

Challenges we ran into

We were hoping to use Google BigQuery Api to store all the data on the cloud but we were unable to do so because of Google credentials. We also had problem with less computing on laptop. We were hoping to compute the data online using google app engine api and cloud computing api to optimize the app. We were also bounded because of time constraints, but we are proud of the advances we have made.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe in the fundamental idea and the need for SafeMaps. We are proud of the app we have developed as the first time programmers of react-native and APIs.

What we learned

As first time programmers of react-native and working with APIs for the first time, we are proud of the app we have been able to develop.

What's next for SafeMaps

Using Google cloud Api, google app engine and google BigQuery, we plan to take SafeMaps to next level by computing on cloud and hence optimizing our app. We also plan to use react-native to make our app more intuitive, easy to use and customer friendly.

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