As students in high school, we often walk or bike to and from school before acquiring a permit or a license. However, it is often really dangerous to ride/walk aside ongoing traffic and other cars. Sometimes, we need to find the safest route to reach a desired destination, which Google Maps cannot provide.

What it does

It directs students to find the safest routes to a destination while biking or walking. Students are able to rate and review routes, and these routes show up on the main map. It also includes a phone button for emergency calls in case of accidents or even a possible 911 call.

How we built it

We used XCode iOS app maker in Swift after storyboarding on paper.

Challenges we ran into

We had to figure out how to connect the maps with our app, and also how to transfer data between screens. This includes locations, reviews, star-ratings, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Adding a functional call feature. In the call page, students can click on the phone, which will call a pre-set number for emergencies.

What we learned

How to code in Swift!! How to transfer data between ViewControllers, how to connect mapping with our app, how to make icon buttons

What's next for SafeMaps

Further specifying multiple walking/biking routes. Adding more emergency numbers to the call page. Display estimated travel time on the map, along with ratings when a signpost is tapped.

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