Manage and track kids pickup and drop offs to and from school, after school programs, sports, tutoring, enrichment classes etc.

What it does

Safely offers parents and businesses or individual child transport service providers to manage and track kid's pick up and drop offs.

  • Tailored work flow for care/service providers to provide high quality service to parents and save time
  • Offers parents peace of mind for their kids commute
  • In app messaging for parents and service providers for quickly communicate with each other to coordinate pickups and drop offs etc.

How it works

For Child transport service providers ( Individuals / Businesses):

  1. Register with the App using Google Account. Choose that you are a service provider while registering.
  2. Once you are signed in - create pickup schedules. A pick schedule contains the information about pickup and drop off location.
  3. Service provider can add groups to organize pickups and drop offs and send preconfigured notifications to the parents with single click saving valuable time.

For Parents:

  1. Parents receive messages from the child's transport service provider as and when pickup and drop off is done.
  2. Parents can message the service provider - useful in scenarios such as informing child's school absence etc.

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