We've never worked with vehicle APIs before, yet we spend a good amount of time in vehicles. Additionally, we noticed that the Ford team was extremely nice and readily gave feedback on ideas. We wanted to explore this domain, and utilize modern technologies to bolster existing cars in a land-rush go-to-market scheme.

What it does

SafeLink is an app for drivers and monitors. Utilizing ODBII data and camera input, SafeLink monitors a driver's behavior, and provides a live feed for a trusted other to watch. If the driver is acting in an unsafe manner, the monitor is notified of such behavior (excessive acceleration, excessive RPMs, turning without using turn signals, excessive speed, not staying within the lane, and more).

How I built it

Android app. Streaming API made possible by Firekast. OpenCV enabled via an AWS Lambda function running on S3 images (frames from video).

Challenges I ran into

OpenCV and Cognito.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

OpenCV and Cognito. Video streaming.

What I learned

Tough.... Have to work within server costs...

What's next for SafeLink


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